June 15, 2014

Season has changed...and baby has come!

It has been a long time since the last update in December. In this six months, season has changed from winter, spring to early summer. In the winter in 2014, Tokyo had the heaviest snowfall in 45 years. In spring, cherry bloomed in the end of March as usual, but gone right away by strong wind. Now, we are in rainy season and early summer with historically much rain. 
Ueno Park and Sky Tree with snow (February)
With cherry blossoms (April)
With green lotus leaves. So bright! (June)
In the same way of season, my situation has also dramatically changed... cause baby has come to me; I had a baby boy! I have been so busy looking after him day and night and had no much time to write and eat out so far. From now on, when I have time, I would like to continue updating this blog on eating, traveling, baby, etc. for a change.  

With my little prince in traditional kimono