July 26, 2014

Nice Okonomiyaki-chain from Osaka

Okonomiyaki, a Japanese pancake containing a lot of ingredients, is a popular B-grade gourmet which everyone likes. I haven't ever met someone (either Japanese or not) who don't like okonomiyaki. One of the popular chain restaurants is "BOTEJYU (ぼてぢゅう)", which started in Osaka in 1946 and nowadays has 82 branches in Japan and other countries. We can taste okonomiyaki in a stylish interior (B-grade gourmet restaurants are not always like this).
Beer (I don't drink!)
Orthodox okonomiyaki
Their orthodox okonomiyaki is quite on average, but the most tasty one is "modernyaki" which contains fried noodle and beef snew with much sliced long green onion. I saw a popular gourmet TV show gave it 5 score in 5. It is convincing! BOTEJYU also offers other dishes making of flour. One of the recommending dishes is "akashiyaki", different type of takoyaki (soft octopus rolls) dipping into clear soup. I liked it very much. Akashiyaki is popular in west Japan, but we can't taste it everywhere in east Japan.

Each dish costs around JPY1000. As B-grade gourmet, it might be a little bit expensive, but considering the atmosphere, it might be acceptable. Actually, we usually cook okonomiyaki at home, and the evaluation might be a bit sever (it means whoever cooks, it is at least tasty!). My rating for BOTEJYU is 3.3 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

BOTEJYU (ぼてぢゅう) http://www.botejyu.co.jp/group/

July 24, 2014

Fresh cakes of a fruit shop since 1902

Here, it is said that mother who does breastfeeding should not take much milk products such as cheese, fresh cream, etc. cause these clog her milk lines. But I can't give up cakes using much fresh cream at all! I already controlled myself for 10 months for baby's health and weight control. So, I've allowed myself to taste cakes with care. The below fresh cakes which my sister bought to me are of Kazan (果山), a fruit shop in Tokyo since 1902.
Strawberry bavarois 
In spite of their long history, Kazan is not so famous as Senbikiya. Since we have many such historical companies all around Japan, this humble shop may not be so prominent. But their simple cakes using fresh cream and seasonal fruits are not bad. Simpleness is the best. As the taste is light, I ate up in a second:) 

Their main shop is located in Ningyocho (人形町), and other branches are in Takashimaya department stores (高島屋) in Kanto area (関東地方). My rating is 3.5 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!    

Kazan (果山) http://www.fruit-kazan.com/index.html  

July 23, 2014

Reasonable oyster restaurant in Ueno

Just in front of the JR Ueno Station (上野駅) and next to the Ueno 3153 (see the previous visit), a restaurant complex named "Ueno no Mori Sakura Terrace (上野の森さくらテラス)" opened in the end of April 2014. Among many restaurants, we tried "Oyster Table (オイスターテーブル)" with baby. As the atmosphere is casual, baby is accepted.
Oyster Table in Ueno no Mori Sakura Terrace
Raw oysters
Caprese salad with avocado dip 
Deep-fried and grilled oysters
Oyster gratin
Spaghetti with osyter and dried mullet roe
Pineapple ice cream
It was a nice finding as an oyster lover! In spite of the reasonable price, the quality of oyster and the taste of dishes were good. You can enjoy different kind of oyster dishes casually (so far, oyster bars were generally stylish for date). Raw oyster was the best, but crispy deep-fried oyster and creamy gratin were also very tasty. Even ice cream including set meal was very nice.

Lunch is available from JPY980. The above set meal we ordered was JPY3,980 for two persons. One piece of additional raw oyster costs JPY300 at lunch time. Reasonable! (But a friend said dinner was not so value for money. Lunch might be better.) Staff was cheerful and kind. My rating is 3.5 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita! 

Oyster Table (オイスターテーブル) http://r.gnavi.co.jp/b3ax902r0000/