July 24, 2014

Fresh cakes of a fruit shop since 1902

Here, it is said that mother who does breastfeeding should not take much milk products such as cheese, fresh cream, etc. cause these clog her milk lines. But I can't give up cakes using much fresh cream at all! I already controlled myself for 10 months for baby's health and weight control. So, I've allowed myself to taste cakes with care. The below fresh cakes which my sister bought to me are of Kazan (果山), a fruit shop in Tokyo since 1902.
Strawberry bavarois 
In spite of their long history, Kazan is not so famous as Senbikiya. Since we have many such historical companies all around Japan, this humble shop may not be so prominent. But their simple cakes using fresh cream and seasonal fruits are not bad. Simpleness is the best. As the taste is light, I ate up in a second:) 

Their main shop is located in Ningyocho (人形町), and other branches are in Takashimaya department stores (高島屋) in Kanto area (関東地方). My rating is 3.5 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!    

Kazan (果山) http://www.fruit-kazan.com/index.html  

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