November 15, 2014


"YEBISU" is a premium beer of Sapporo Breweries, LTD, one of the major Japanese beer companies. If you come to Japan, you can find YEBISU at any stores, restaurants, izakaya , etc. I am also a fan of YEBISU! At YEBISU BAR (エビスバー), the Sapporo's directly managed bar chain, we can enjoy fresh YEBISU with reasonable snacks.
YEBISU BAR (these women look like a twin...:))
Fried fish with vinegar
Beef stew using Japanese miso
Fish and chips
Fresh YEBISU is perfect!  Creamy bubble on the top of glass is artistic! Small-sized side dishes are also not bad. A glass of beer costs around JPY525 and dishes are from JPY500 to 1,000. For casual use, this bar is reasonable and convenient! My rating is 3.5 out of 5.
In Tokyo, you can find every bustling areas like Ginza, Shinjyuku, etc. Gochiso-samadeshita!

YEBISU BAR (エビスバー)

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