November 17, 2015

Sophisticated French restaurant obtained Michelin 1 star

AIMEE VIBERT (エメヴィメール) is a French restaurant which has continually won 1 star of Michelin guidebook since 2007. In October 2014, they moved to Ginza (銀座) from Kojimachi (麹町). Tough their beautiful facilities and elegant atmosphere seem to be maintained in the new restaurant, time spent in their previous house restaurant in Kojimachi was gracious. 
AIMEE VIBERT in Kojimachi (now they moved to Ginza)
Foie gras saute
Foie gras terrine with port sauce
Cream soup of lobster with sea urchin
Beef stew and crispy pie with red wine sauce
Ginger jelly
Mont blanc
Herb tea
Mignardises by wagon service
My choice!
As the above photos shows, their cuisine is beautiful and sophisticated. Not only the appearance, definitely the taste was very nice. In addition, cost effectiveness is good. The above set meal costs JPY5,000 (excluding tax and service charge) at lunch. We could enjoy their wonderful mignardises as much as we wanted to have. If the tea was empty or became cold, they kindly served new one. My rating at Kojimach restaurant is 4.7 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

AIMEE VIBERT (エメヴィメール)

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