October 31, 2013

Modern Chinese restaurant in Kanda-sudacho

Though I've heard a good reputation of "Kanda Yun-rin (神田雲林)" through the media and words of mouth on the web for years, I haven't had chance to visit so far cause whenever I made a call, the restaurant was always occupied. But finally, I tasted Yun-rin's dishes and confirmed the reputation is very true. Kanda Yun-rin is a Chinese restaurant run by a Japanese chef, which is located in Kanda-sudacho (神田須田町) near Matsuya, a long-established soba restaurant (see previous visit).
Kanda Yun-rin
Assorted starter
Fried shrimp with tomato sauce
Fried spring roll
Shaoxing wine (10 years, 5 years and new one)
Rraised pork belly
Noodle with shark's fin soup
Almond jelly and fruits with syrup
On weekend, there are three ranges of lunch set meal; JPY1,890, JPY3,200 and JPY5,000 (we ordered the middle one). The set meal (JPY3,200) comprises an assorted starter, three dishes, a noodle/fried rice and a dessert. The composition was good; different taste and different texture of each dish. Most of all, the taste was...wonderful! Each dish was more than expectation! Even an ordinary starter of steamed chicken was very delicious. Usually, I don' t like it so much, but the soft chicken with spicy and profound sauce was surprising. 

A dish of fried shrimp was with sauce of tomato and basil. The sauce looked like an Italian cuisine, but the taste was definitely Chinese! Combination with crispy fried shrimp was dainty. I took my hat off to the chef. And the most impressive dish was a raised pork belly. The meat itself is very soft as if melted in the mouth. The tasting is juicy and salty-sweet. The balance was ideal! (but Chinese people may not think so as Chinese star anise is not used much considering Japanese preference).

The portion was also enough. You can definitely be satisfied. I understood the popularity of this small but high level restaurant. Worth for visiting. My rating is 4.5 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Kanda Yun-rin (神田雲林) http://www.kandayunrin.com/

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