November 6, 2013

Impressive mille feuille of Patisserie Tante Marie

On a small street in Yushima (湯島), we have a lovely cake shop named "Patisserie Tante Marie (パティスリー タントマリー)."  Their most famous cake is a cheese cake using gorgonzola, which is not so sweet and suitable with alcohol than tea. The cheese cake is often introduced through the media. But this time, I found their pie and Danish pastries are more marvelous!  
Patisserie Tante Marie
Chestnut's mille feuille
In this season, the decoration of Halloween is cute. The patisserie always prepares variety of fresh cakes, baked confectionery, Danish pastries, etc. Seeing such products makes us fun. Sweet smell encourages us to buy more. In addition to fresh cakes, I bought more Danish pastries than I had planned. 

Chestnut's mille feuille was....just wonderful! This was the most impressive cake among others I have tasted recently. Crispy but heavy pie containing rich butter stratifies and contains fresh chestnut's cream. The harmony was perfect! Whenever I put it in my mouth, I couldn't stop saying "so good"!! Everyone would like it. (but it is difficult to eat prettily).  Sachertorte was also sophisticated and tasty, but the mille feuille won. One piece of fresh cake costs around JPY500. My rating for the mille feuille was 4.8, but as a whole, 3.7. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Patisserie Tante Marie (パティスリー タントマリー)

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