November 9, 2013

Easy-to-use sushi restaurant in Marunouchi

On the underground floor of a building connected to the Marunouchi building (丸ビル see previous visit), we have a sushi restaurant named "Sushidokoro Jyun (鮨処 順)."  Since there are few reasonable sushi restaurants in this area, one of the business centers in Tokyo, Jyun might be a easy-to-use restaurant. The price setting is not cheap, but reasonable for this area.
Sushidokoro Jyun
Inside of the restaurant

Set meal "Kyo (京)" on weekend
Green tea and miso soup
Lunch set meal is available from JPY1,680 on weekend (we ordered a set of JPY2,835 with ten pieces). Different from posh sushi restaurants where we hesitate to enter on first glance, Jyun seems open and easy to enter. We don't have to care so-called "proper manner at sushi restaurant" and we can enjoy sushi in a relaxing atmosphere. 

The most important taste was...modestly tasty! Intermediate between high-class and chain restaurants. Even so, professional skills of chefs were exerted in each piece. In particular, tuna, shrimp, conger and rolled egg containing fish paste were good. Service was quick (maybe they used to serve for busy business men). My rating is 3.4 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita! 

Sushidokoro Jyun (鮨処 順) 

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