December 27, 2014

Beautiful...but a bit disappointing French restaurant in Ginza

Even though word of mouth of a restaurant is good on the web,  we can't judge if it is true until we actually open the door of the restaurant. The other day, I tried a French restaurant named "l'art et la maniere (ラールエラマニエール)" in Ginza (銀座) seeing the word of mouth on the internet, but it was unfortunately a bit disappointing.      
Stairs to "l'art et la maniere"
Main dining room
Variety of butter
Starter using sweetfish
Poiree of porgy
Message plate
Dessert (strawberry parfait) 
Dessert (chocolate cake and mango pudding)
The above set meal costs JPY4,000. In fact, dishes were not so bad. Delicate to some extent. However, I'm sorry to say but it did not meet my expectation of the price. Nearly no choice of dishes, small portion, no distinctive dishes, immature service, etc. Though presentation was beautiful, it was regrettable. Or my expectation had been much higher because of the good word of mouth...(so sorry!!). The atmosphere seemed no longer an elegant  restaurant but a casual cafe where people chatting. My rating is 2.9 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

l'art et la maniere (ラールエラマニエール)    

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