December 28, 2014

Old fashioned cakes loved by a postwar thinker in Honkomagome

Just in front of the Komagome hospital in Honkomagome (本駒込), there is an old cake shop named "Sthorer (ストレル)" whose history is since 1958. Their nostalgic atmosphere is cool. Price setting is also cool. One piece of cake is around JPY400. In the shop, signature of Yoshimoto Takaaki (吉本隆明), a thinker who had a huge influence on the new left wing in the postwar era is decorated. The thinker allegedly lived neighborhood and loved the cakes of Sthorer.
Moca roll
Chocolate cake
Mont blanc
But the taste was...just old fashioned. In principle, I like traditional and old things with history, but this old style was...just old. It seemed they didn't use good quality of cream, chocolate, etc. and the taste became less tasty... I wish such a shop could continue business for the next 50 years, but to do so, some kind of efforts of renovation might be necessary. My rating is 2.0 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita! 

Sthorer (ストレル)

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