February 26, 2013

Delicious sumo wrestlers' food at Monzennakacho

As you may know, the national sport of Japan is "sumo(相撲)", a native wrestling played by half-naked heavy wrestlers, whose hair style is traditional bun. Strong sumo wrestlers need energy and power as well as technique. Hence, they have to make their bodies bigger and heavier to the maximum extent possible while they continue hard practice.  
Highest rank wrestler "Hakuho"
Sumo wrestlers (when I went to a match of last year.)
To do so, "chanko-nabe(ちゃんこ鍋)" was invented for sumo wrestlers so that they can be fat and heavy easily in a healthy manner. Chanko-nabe is a cuisine in which any meat, seafood and vegetables can be put into a pot and cooked together. Once these ingredients are boiled with delicious soup, it is easy to eat much portion, rather than as they are. The other day, I went to a chanko-nabe restaurant in Monzennakacho(門前仲町), run by Mienoumi(三重ノ海), retired 57th highest rank wrestler.
Entrance of "Mienoumi"
Inside (photo of Mienoumi, 57th highest rank wrestler)
 Semi-grilled bonito sashimi
Boiled clams 
Fried blowfish 
Chanko nabe!!
Hot Japanese sake with burnt fish aroma 
Ice cream 
The restaurant is located on the second floor of a bit old apartment, but there were many customers inside even on weekdays. After eating, we fully understood the popularity because of the taste, portion and price(set meal costs JPY5,000 per person). Staff put kimono which contributes to the good atmosphere. Moreover, the character of chief female staff was nice as "edokko(江戸っ子)." She suddenly intervened our conversation and left connotative comments, which convinced us somehow. My rating is 3.5 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita! 

Mienoumi(三重ノ海) http://r.gnavi.co.jp/g997400/


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