February 14, 2013

When I woke up early...again

As I had time to go to the office in a morning, I had a breakfast at "Parkside DINER(パークサイドダイナー)" of the Imperial Hotel(帝国ホテル) in Hibiya(日比谷). Though the interior is casual and staff are friendly, there is air of tension and formality as the Imperial Hotel. I like this specific atmosphere and enjoyed nice pancakes over reading newspapers. 
Parkside DINER in the Imperial Hotel 
Pancakes and cappuccino 
It took a bit time to grille the pancakes and it was joyful to wait. The pancakes are very orthodox but beautiful! Simple, but I could feel the rich taste of egg and milk. The combination with butter and maple syrup was lovely. In spite of the big portion, I could eat without getting tired. The price is not definitely so cheap, but it was valuable for me:) My rating is 3.7 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Parkside DINER(パークサイドダイナー)" of the Imperial Hotel(帝国ホテル)


  1. Hi I love your blog!
    I just came to Japan on Tuesday because my boyfriend has a business trip here. We already went to Seamon Sushi in Ginza and it was fantastic! And guess what - we are staying at the Imperial Hotel and I just had the Parkside pancakes too! Was lovely!

    Do you have any recommendation for a romantic dinner for 2, preferably Japanese cuisine? Either great views with okay food or SUPERB food with no view are both fine.. at the moment we booked the Nadaman Shiodome 47 but I am not sure whether the food is okay or not...

    thanks a lot! keep up with the good work!

  2. Wow...what a coincidence! and many thanks for your comment! Are you accompanying your boyfriend? Wow...envy you:)

    Actually you had a good choice! Nadaman is one of the orthodox and superb Japanese restaurants that I also love. I haven't been Shiodome branch yet, but all the Nadamans I went so far were always nice. In Shiodome, I guess you can enjoy the nice view of the Tokyo Tower, Odaiba, etc. So, it seems very suitable for your date:)

  3. If you want to enjoy "Japaneseness" rather than romantic...

    - Akasaka Kikunoi (a branch of one of the best ryotei restaurants in Kyoto)

    - Tofuya Ukai(you can enjoy tofu set meal in a Japanese traditional house just under the Tokyo Tower. I recommend to order a set meal including griled beef.)

  4. Or...tasting at the counter is also unique style in Japan.

    - Tempura Yoshino (in Hotel Nikko Odaiba. You can see the Rainbow Bridge and nice Tokyo view eating freshly-fried tempura.)

    - Omotesando Ukai(If you haven't tasted teppanyaki yet, please try at least once wherever you like. this is one of the nice teppanyaki restaurants,)

    - Teppanyaki Akasaka (in the ANA Intercontinental Hotel. The view with the Tokyo Tower is very nice.) http://www.anaintercontinental-tokyo.jp/e/rest/akasaka.html

  5. Have a happy Valentine with your boyfriend!
    Have a pleasant stay in Tokyo!

    Please feel free to contact me:)