May 7, 2013

Kushiage tasting in a traditional building in Nezu

Han-tei (はん亭) is a kind of landmark of Nezu (根津). Most of traditional wooden buildings in Tokyo were burnt during the Great Kanto earthquake and the World War II, but Han-tei's building constructed in Meiji era has been fortunately survived. It is nowadays designated as a tangible cultural asset. In the traditional Japanese-style building, we can enjoy "kushiage", fried vegetables, seafood and meat on skewer. 
Han-tei (tangible cultural asset)
Inside (wall) 
Ground floor of "Han-Tei"
Fried shrimp and fried ginger with meat 
Fried sweetfish and fried broad bean 
Marinated horse mackerel
Fried tofu and fried beef 
Fried scallop and fried mushroom
Soupy rice with laver, pickles and miso soup 
Almond pudding with mango sauce 
Han-tei always prepares 36 seasonal ingredients for kushiage. The first set is six skewers of six different ingredients. If you want to taste more, you can order additionally by one skewer. Actually, their kushiage is  very sophisticated and delicious. Each fresh ingredient is carefully cooked before making it fry. Everything is fried, but we can continually eat without getting tired and feeling heavy stomach. Fresh cabbage, carrot and cucumber are also served with kushiage for refreshing the mouth. 

If you never experience kushiage, I recommend you to go Han-tei. The price is a bit above than ordinary kushiage restaurants/shops. The lunch set meal we ordered was JPY3,700 on weekend. But beside kusgiage, even small amuse and soupy rice were tasty. My rating is 3.5 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Han-tei (はん亭)  

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