May 24, 2013

Teppanyaki in Hibiya on Mother's Day

In a few minutes walk from the Imperial Hotel (帝国ホテル) in Hibiya (日比谷), there is a teppanyaki restaurant called "Waka-kaiseki Yamatokan (若会席 大和館)" in the basement of a building. Yamatokan consists of only private rooms which is suitable for business entertainment and private gathering. Actually, eating in a private room with good service was really relaxing and nice.
Private room
Amuse (sesame tofu with sea urchin)
Starter platter 
Clear soup with bamboo root 
A chef cooks in our private room
Grilled fish with butter and champagne sauce
Shimane wagyu beef
Grape sorbet 
Cooking (teppanyaki)!
Steamed rice, miso soup and pickles
Grilled beef
In each private room, there is a teppanyak kitchen where a chef is cooking just for us. This experience is quite gorgeous. Before teppanyaki, amuse, starter and soup were served in a Japanese-kaiseki style. Every dish was delicate and gentle. Really, good starter for main teppannyaki!

Main dishes, namely fish and meat are cooked on teppan (iron plate). The cooking demonstration induced appetite. Grilled fish with rich butter and champagne sauce was delicious. As for beef, its quality depends on the price of course. Our beef seemed moderate. But their steak sauce using soy sauce became the taste much better. Eating with rice was very tasty. 

Dessert, particularly creme brulee was also delicious. The service was friendly. Price might be relatively reasonable as a teppanyaki restaurant using private room. My rating is 3.5 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Waka-kaiseki Yamatokan (若会席 大和館)  

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