May 2, 2013

A French restaurant newly opened in Nezu

Just close to the exit No. 2 of the Nezu metro station (根津駅), a French restaurant named "un petit tour (アンプティトゥール)" has been newly opened since one or two month ago. Previously, there was a casual (and a bit shabby) izakaya at the same place, but now the interior has been renovated very much. The restaurant is small, but its atmosphere is moderately formal. Not a casual bistro. 
Entrance of "un petit tour" 
Amuse (meat patty) 
Rye bread 
Salmon carupaccio 
Cod Saute
Grilled chicken
Assorted dessert
Lunch set meal is available from JPY2,650 per person. Not large variety of selection in the menus. There were only two options in each category. For this kind of small restaurant, preparing many selections might be risky in terms of business. 

The taste was above than that of bistros but below than good restaurants. Delicate but not so impressive like a superb restaurant. But I could imagine the chef of the restaurant would be a gentle person as I noticed some kind of sensitivity in each dish. If the price is a little bit less expensive, we could be more satisfied. My rating is 2.9 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

un petit tour (アンプティトゥール) 


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  2. Hi, I am visiting Tokyo next week and looking to trying some of the restaurants you recommended. Also, just curious to know if you have a cat called Maru?

  3. Wow, will you come to Tokyo next week? Currently the weather is so nice and I hope you will have a wonderful stay here. I am happy if some of my blog would help your choice of restaurants! Though I don't have a cat:)
    Have a safe journey to Tokyo!!