April 29, 2013

Popular Japanese hamburger chain

MOS BURGER (モスバーガー) is a popular Japanese hamburger chain which does business in Japan and Asia. We call it just as "MOS (モス)" and MOS is intermediate between cheep mega chains like MacDonald's and hamburger specialty shops whose burger is more than JPY1,000. MOS's shop is like a cozy cafe. Interior is light and clean.
Salad and clam chowder 
Mos cheese burger and onion ring and french fry 
MOS's burgers are from JPY320 to JPY500. They stick to "Japaneseness" and there are also "rice burgers" in their products. We can eat just-made hamburgers after ordering. Taste is generally gentle as food additive is not used. Their quality control on food security is high, and we can enjoy their products in relief. They use domestic ingredients and disclose the names of producers on each item. If you travel to Japan, you can try MOS as an experience in Japan! My rating is 2.6 out of 5. Gochiso-samamdeshita!

MOS BURGER (モスバーガー) http://www.mos.co.jp/index.php

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