April 14, 2013

Finally...bought a tablet

Our life is surrounded by many digital devices, isn't it? In my case, I have...a customized desk top, several laptops, a smart phone, several portable music and game players, etc. and couldn't find necessity for tablet at all. However...just "having" this kind of new item might be meaningful to follow the trend. Finally, I bought a "Xperia Tablet Z" of SONY which has been just newly sold since yesterday (actually it is exciting to buy something on the first day)! 
SONY's Xperia Tablet Z
What I like of this Xperia is the world's thinnest tablet at this moment and the stylish design. Sensitivity and motion are very nice. Most of all, very light. No stress. I thought tablet might be extra as mentioned above, but in reality, it is...good! Checking the web on the sofa is nicer than expected. 
Recently, I also received a digital book device called "kobo" of Rakuten (楽天) free of charge. The size is just middle between smart phone and usual tablet. The screen color is white and black for eyes so that we could read long. It might be good, but, in this case, I still prefer real books. Paperback books in Japan are already compact and easy to carry. It would take more time for me  to fully use this book device. Maybe if I get much older, reading with bigger font might be convenient:)

Xperia Tablet Z http://www.sony.jp/tablet/xperia/Z/

kobo  http://www.rakuten.ne.jp/gold/rakuten24-kobo/ereaders/koboglo/?scid=wi_kb_top_header_tab_ereaders

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