April 8, 2013

Dream-Japanese restaurant of childhood

When I was just around six or seven year's old, a rich friend of my parents brought me to a gorgeous Japanese restaurant called "Seryna (瀬里奈)" in Roppongi (六本木) and we tasted very delicious shabu shabu there. Wonderful experience. The name of the restaurant was deeply craved into my memories then. Now, I am surprised to know the fact that I am matured enough to visit Seryna by myself...
Entrance plate of Ginza Seryna
Inside of Seryna
Table setting
Amuse (Blowfish jelly and crab salad with avocado) 
Sashimi (shrimp and tuna)
Japanese-style boiled vegetable 
Fried scallop
Wagyu beef steak 
Japanese sake 
Rice and miso soup
Rare cheese cake and tea
This time, I went to a Ginza (銀座) branch which is located on the underground of Tiffany's. Staff putting kimono welcomes customers. The atmosphere is formal that rich elderly people enjoyed lunch on weekend. Maybe on weekday, this restaurant would be mostly used for business entertaining. The lunch we ate was JPY5,775 per person with additional 10% service charge (I forgot to take a picture of one dish). 

The taste was of course...nice...but moderate for expensive Japanese restaurants. Tender Japanese wagyu beef steak was exceptionally impressive, but except that,  I couldn't be touched by other dishes like when I was a child. Miso soup was just like the one I cook at home. My taste sense might be improved? Mixed feeling. Maybe next time, I would try shabu shabu there! My rating is 3.2 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!  

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