April 1, 2013

Local yakitori and Kamameshi izakaya in Nezu

Along the Shinobazu Street (不忍通り) near the Nezu Metro Station (根津駅), there is a local yakitori and kamameshi izakaya named "Matsuyoshi (松好)" which has opened for 40 years. Yakitori is a Japanese skewered chicken and kamameshi is a traditional Japanese rice dish with many ingredients cooked in an iron pot called "kama." In Matsuyoshi, we can enjoy casual Japanese dishes including their specialties of yakitori and kamameshi.
Inside of Matsuyoshi 
Beer and tea 
Yakitori and skewered vegetables 
Japanese fried chicken (karaage)
Steamed clam 
Fried tofu with bouillon soup
Though Matsuyoshi is a old local and casual izakaya, the interior is chic. BGM is jazz and decorating paints are of Klimt. Maybe because of the chef's preference. A little bit dark lighting makes us relaxed. Menu is reasonable. Most of them are below than JPY1,000 except kamameshi costs around JPY1,500. 

The taste is nice. In spite of the price, frozen foods are not used. Every dish is cooked carefully. Spices are less used and the taste is generally gentle and mild like a taste at home. Kamameshi is recommendable. Tasty. Good bouillon of chicken, seafood and vegetables are well macerated into rice. My rating is 3 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Matsuyoshi (松好) http://r.gnavi.co.jp/6181628/  

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