April 2, 2013

Nice Italian on an alley in Kagurazaka

The backstreet of Kagurazaka (神楽坂) consists of a lot of small alleys and there are numerous nice cafes, restaurants and bars. On an alley, I found a nice Italian restaurant called "KAGURAAKA STAGIONE (神楽坂スタジオーネ)."  It was a good surprise to know there is an Italian restaurant on the 5th floor in a Japanese-style building. Very cool.
Gate of a building comprising six restaurants
Entrance of "KAGURAZAKA STAGIONE" (5th floor)
Starter and a glass of champagne 
Pizza Margherita 
Pasta with beef ragout 
Red wine 
Grilled porgy with clam and champagne sauce
Grilled pork with basil sauce 
Assorted dessert 
As the atmosphere is chic, I hadn't so much expected the quality of dish, but it was not true. Every dish was delicate and delicious. Naples style pizza was very nice. Pizza dough was chewy texture and well burnt in a stone oven. Fresh tomato sauce was juicy. Combination with mozzarella cheese was perfect!

Pasta with beef ragout was rich. On the contrary, main dishes of fish and meat were cooked lightly with nice flavored sauces so that we could eat up. Good calculation. I was very satisfied with their lunch set meal. The set meal we had costs JPY3,300 per person. Value for money. A male sommelier carefully recommended wine based on my preference. My rating for the lunch is 4 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

KAGURAAKA STAGIONE (神楽坂スタジオーネ) http://kagurasta.kaga-ya.com/

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