April 21, 2013

Soft pancake of bills Odaiba

When going for a drive, we tend to go Odaiba (お台場) because atmosphere is nice with the Tokyo Bay and there are many malls having large parking. The other day, I tried pancake of "bills (ビルズ)" at DECKS Tokyo beach (デックス東京ビーチ). Bills is a diner started in Sydney, whose pancake using ricotta cheese is very popular. There are four branches in/around Tokyo and there are always long queues for tasting the pancake.  
Rainbow Bridge 
DECKS Tokyo Beach 
Bills Odaiba 
Porgy carupaccio with avocado and grapefruit  
Fried pork with herbs and watermelon 
Bills' specialty "Ricotta pancake"
As I didn't want to wait, we visited around 22pm and easily enter without reservation. The interior is woody modern and nice lighting made the atmosphere good. Through the window, we can see the beautiful Rainbow Bridge. The selection of menu is not so wide.The price is approx. JPY1,500 for each dish. 

The taste was much better than expectation.They use fruits with dishes and the combination was very fresh and tasty. A main dish of fried pork with various herbs and watermelon was impressive. The taste of Juicy pork was well balanced with refreshing watermelon.  

Their specialty of "ricotta pancake" was definitely wonderful. Soft and airy texture. Rich taste with ricotta cheese. The balance of sweetness and saltiness was good, created by pancake, honey batter, maple syrup and banana. I am fully convinced for the long lines. My rating is 3.8 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

bills (ビルズ)  https://bills-jp.net/       
DECKS Tokyo beach (デックス東京ビーチ) http://www.odaiba-decks.com/


  1. すごい!絶対に同感でした、もう一度、食べたい。

  2. ジョアンエさん、billsのパンケーキは本当に美味しいですよね~びっくりしました!私もまた食べたい(^0^)