April 29, 2013

Local sushi shop near Ryokan SAWANOYA in Yanaka

On a small street in Yanaka (谷中), I found a small sushi shop that I haven't entered yet. I also noticed only English menu is displayed in front of the shop. The shop is "Yaguruma (八車)" ran by an edokko sushi master. According to him, as Yaguruma is close to a Japanese-style ryokan called "Sawanoya(澤の屋)" which is popular among overseas travelers, he has opportunities to receive foreign customers.  Rather, there was no Japanese menu:)
Entrance of "Yaguruma"
Tuna rolled sushi 
Flatfish and tuna 
Flatfish, tuna and squid 
Sea urchin, scallop, salmon caviar and rolled egg
The shop is small, but very clean. Many sushi ingredients are well prepared in the show-case of the counter. If we order, the edokko master served sushi so quickly that we had to hurry eating (actually, edokko is famous as impatient...). The ingredients are not so bad, but sushi is a bit old-fashioned. Whether good or bad, the taste would be good on average. No specific feature.   

The most superior set at lunch time costs JPY2,800 per person.The price setting is normal. If you want to enjoy local atmosphere with classic sushi, you may choose this sushi shop. For better sushi, there might be other options...My rating is 2.5 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!      

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