April 18, 2013

An elegant house French restaurant in Aoyama

A farewell party was held at a house French restaurant named "Manoir d' Inno (マノワールディノ) " in the silent residential area of Aoyama (青山). The house is a bit old semi-Japanese and western style building with a beautiful garden. The restaurant itself is very calm and relaxing. Maybe only matured adults visit. It's like a socializing place for (rich) adults. Behavior of service staff is also elegant. 
Gate of "Manoir d' Inno"
Mousse of broad beans with caviar
Jelly of seafood 
Grilled white fish with rich girolle sauce 
Grapefruit sorbet 
Grilled lamb with red wine sauce
Berry salad with passion fruit sauce 
Petite fours
Dishes are tasty as expected. Traditional and orthodox style of French dishes which use butter, rich cream, etc. These items are not good for health if we eat much daily, but it is also true they make the taste more delicious and give impact. A fish dish with girolle and cream sauce was superb. Good aroma of girolle and rich sauce were very impressive.

But the composition of dishes are well planned. After the heavy two main dishes, dessert was very light: berry salad with passion fruit sauce. The balance is nice and I didn't feel heavy stomach. I also enjoyed seeing beautiful plate of each dish. This high investment makes customers more pleasant. Dinner can be available from JPY8,400 and 10% service charge. My rating is 4 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Manoir d' Inno (マノワールディノ) http://www.manoirdinno.com/

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