April 18, 2013

Nice Japanese lunch in an underground private room in Toranomon

As written repeatedly, Toranomon (虎ノ門)-Kasumigaseki (霞が関) is a barren area of good restaurants. In particular, we have few restaurants sophisticated enough for treating someone in a bit formal atmosphere. Against this, a Japanese restaurant called "Okiagari-Koboshi (起き上がり小法師)" is one of the better selections here. Though the restaurant is located underground in a building, it consists of only beautiful private rooms. Every female staff puts kimono. 
Entrance decorated with seasonal flowers
A private room in Okiagari-Koboshi
Shokado bento (dishes in a black-lacquered box) 
Rice, miso soup and pickles
Soy milk cheese cake
Dishes are delicate. The taste in reality is more than the above pictures:) Shokado-bendo (松花堂弁当), Japanese traditional bento in a black-lacquered box which contains several main- and side-dishes are JPY2,420 per person at lunch time. Each item such as s
ashimi, tempura, grilled fish, etc. was cooked carefully and differently so that we could enjoy at once. 

Service is on time and it is quite suitable for business lunch. Walls between private rooms might be thick. We can enjoy our conversation in a calm environment. Having such a short break during the work is quite refreshing that we can get energy for afternoon work. My rating is 3.2 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

(起き上がり小法師) http://r.gnavi.co.jp/p392100/

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