April 12, 2013

Great Udon in an old Japanese storehouse in Nezu

In Nezu (根津), we have a popular udon restaurant called "Kamachiku (釜竹)" which is famous for long queues. A landmark of Kamachiku located in the residential area is an old Japanese storehouse used for the restaurant. The interior is Japanese modern style. Good atmosphere. Though we have to sit together with unknown people, we have no choice for great udon.
Kamachiku (using an old Japanese storehouse)
Inner garden of Kamachiku
Inside (storehouse area)
Sesame tofu 
vegetable tempura 
Grilled cod fish in Western Kyoto style 
Seasonings for udon
Price is reasonable. Their several types of udon cost around JPY900 while other side dishes are around JPY600. Set meal is available from JPY2,000(two-days prior reservation is necessary). In spite of the reasonable price, every dish is cooked in a very careful manner and, of course, delicious. In particular, their famous Udon is wonderful! 

I understand the long queues. We can enjoy the thick and moderately chewy texture in the mouth. Hot udon soup made of bonito bouillon is sophisticated. Not salty and drinkable. The udon portion is big, but we can continue eating adding various seasoning such as chopped leak, ginger, crunchy tempura, etc.  Self-adjustment is enjoyable:) My rating is 4 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita! 

Kamachiku (釜竹)  http://www.kamachiku.com/    

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