April 11, 2013

My favorite "famires", Royal Host

Family restaurants, namely diners are called as "famires (ファミレス)" here and loved by young and old. Many of them are opened for 24 hours and we can easily find everywhere in Japan. At any hand, convenient, reasonable and tasty! The variety of selection is quite wide. Generally, Japanese including yoshoku, Chinese, Italian and American dishes are available. One of my bests is "Royal Host (ロイヤルホスト)!!"
Royal Host 
Inside of Royal Host 
Carrot mousse 
Onion gratin soup 
Fried shrimp 
Seafood cream pilaf 
Clubhouse sandwich 
Royal Host is originated in Fukuoka (福岡), the biggest city in Kyusyu (九州) and now develops their business all over Japan. Royal Host is a bit high-ranked one among famires. Even so, price is reasonable. Main dishes are around JPY1,000 and side dishes are about JPY500. Small dream of childhood can come true here that we order anything without checking price. Taste is more than the price. Especially, yoshoku is very nice. Recommendable! 

We can stay as long as possible. People spend time freely. Some are chatting long and others are sometimes studying. It's like a public space where we can order nice meals. I can always enjoy Royal Host very much:) My rating is 4 out of 5 (actually, I am very impressed by their high performance compared to the price). Gochiso-samadeshita!

Royal Host (ロイヤルホスト) http://www.royalhost.jp/index.php

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