March 30, 2013

Cherry blossoms!!

Cherry blossoms have been in full bloom in Tokyo since last weekend. This is the best moment of spring. We have been looking forward to it after cold winter. In Japan, every weather forecast reports carefully about when cherry will be in full bloom one-two month prior. And if the full-bloom news are reported, people rush to see cherry blossoms. In particular, we love cherry-viewing party which is eating and drinking under cherry trees. It may look curious for people other than Japanese, but enjoyable:)
Cherry blossoms in the Ueno Park 
Many cherry trees around the Shinobazu Pond 
Cherry blossoms along the Shinobazu Pond 
So beautiful!
Cherry blossoms in the University of Tokyo
Night cherry with Kaneiji Temple in the Ueno Park
Night cherry in the Sotobori Park in Yotsuya 
Cherry blossoms at a bridge in Yotsuya 
Illuminated cherry in the Sotobori Park in Yotsuya 
So happy to see beautiful cherry. The white and light pink flowers are so noble and elegant. The cherry tells us that spring has come and everything will start anew. Seeing such cherry, we could forget any sorrow and gain energy to go forward.

Cherry's life is so short. They will be gone in few days. I really miss them and wish them to stay more. On the other hand, I also love such ephemeral beauty. It's like a life. So short and so valuable. I hope everyone enjoys the cherry blossoms in this spring!