March 11, 2013

Exciting match...WBC!!

In Japan, someone who devotes him/herself to something other than themselves are always called "samurai." Today, I went to the Tokyo Dome(東京ドーム) to see the samurais of Japanese baseball team at World Baseball Classic (WBC, ワールドベースボールクラシック), an international baseball tournament which is equivalent to the World Cup for football. In the previous two WBCs, Japan was the champion. We aim the three consecutive championship victory, but my personal expectation had been a bit low due to the absence of Japanese major leaguers.   
Tokyo Dome
Opening ceremony 
Grilled beef bento of Jyojyoen 
Spicy hot dog
Japanese fried noodle 
Japan, Go for it!! was...amazing!! Japan won by 16 to 4 against Netherlands, a strong team which already won Cuba, one of the strongest baseball teams. Incredible. If the opponent were weak, we would not be so excited...valuable victory. I could see the match in a very front seat and I was soooo excited to see many home runs directly! Felt fantastic! Also, the fare play and fare cheer of both teams greatly contributed to the great atmosphere. 

Definitely, I enjoyed snacks and fresh beer(JPY800/cup) over watching the match. Grilled beef bento of Jyojyoen(叙々苑) was delicious and expensive(JPY2,300) as always:) Hot dog and fried noodles might be at average, but curiously, I felt the taste much better and delicious in the good atmosphere. 
WBC chopsticks made of broken baseball bat
For this nice memory, I bought chopsticks made of broken baseball bat and with a logo of "samurai Japan" who has a bat rather than a sward. The WBC match continues and I will support the team. I simply believe the power of sport! 

World Baseball Classic (WBC, ワールドベースボールクラシック)

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