March 3, 2013

Beautiful Japanese dishes on Girl's Day in Ginza

March 3 is the Japanese Girl's Day (or Doll's Festival) called "Hinamatsuri(ひな祭り)", celebrating girls' healthy growing. We display a set of ornamental dolls representing the Emperor and Empress, attendants, musicians as well as marriage furniture in the Heian Period(平安時代) style. Spring flowers such as peach branch and field mustard are also decorated. On this day, we feel that spring is coming by seeing the dolls and eating traditional rice sweets. I love such Japanese events that recognize the season.
Hinamatsuri dolls displayed in my condominium
Main dolls are Emperor and Empress 
Hinamatsuri dolls displayed in a hotel
On such a day, I had a lunch at a Japanese restaurant named "KISSHO(吉祥)" in Ginza(銀座). KISSHO comprises many private rooms, and the interior is Japanese modern. Beautiful. But more beautiful thing is their presentation of main dishes put in cherry blossom colored-and shaped-serving dishes. Each dish was fancy and delicious. Particularly, grilled silver cod in a  West Kyoto style, fried blowfish and grilled wagyu beef were very delicious. The beef was tender and melt in the mouth. 
Entrance of KISSHO
Our private room 
Assorted main dishes 
Steamed rice, miso soup and pickles 
Oshiruko (sweet red-bean soup)
Oshiruko, a sweet red-bean soup served as dessert was gentle and sophisticated taste.  This set meal costs JPY4,000 per person at lunch with adding 10% service charge. Every female staff puts kimono and the atmosphere is very chic. We can enjoy meals in a relaxed manner in a private room. Suitable for business entertaining, too. Dinner might be expensive, but lunch is not so high and recommendable. My rating is 3.8 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!


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