March 23, 2013

Cost-effective Yakiniku in Uguisudani

By word of mouth and on the web, a yakiniku restaurant in Uguisudani (鴬谷) has been popular. The other day, I tried the restaurant named Uguisudanien (鴬谷園) with many colleagues (cause if we go with few number, we may be misunderstood in that area). As a result...I fully agreed to the word of mouth! Incredible cost-effectiveness...! I ate too much.
Entrance of Uguisdanien
Beer, sauce and brazier for yakiniku
Korean-style pickles 
Tender beef!
VIVA yakiniku!!
Juicy beef!!!
Lettuce for grilled beef 
Perfect beef!!!!
Soupy rice 
In the small yakiniku restaurant, reservation was full on Thursday night. We had to wait for 30 minutes even though we had made a reservation. People started eating at 5pm didn't finish. But we were not allowed to eat more than two hours because next customers from 9pm were waiting. Why so popular? Because we can taste high-quality beef at very reasonable price. 

Beef itself was fresh and nice. Grilled on the brazier, the beef was so sweet, tender, and melted in the mouth. So tasty. Of course, we can enjoy this kind of nice yakuniku at other restaurants....but price should be much higher. Maybe one-half of the average price. We could enjoy yakiniku without caring the cost.

The problem might be...building is shabby (particularly, restroom...) and we can't use credit card unlike ordinary restaurants. Even so, if you are yakiniku lover, you can visit at least onceMy rating is 4.2 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita! 

Uguisudanien (鴬谷園)

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