August 12, 2013

Off-street small French restaurant in Nezu

Generally, Japanese eat and cook overseas dishes on a regular basis. So, we have many overseas restaurants and French restaurants are also not exceptional. Though the quality is varied, at any hand, competition seems severe. Sometimes, if customers are few at restaurants around my house, I got worried. For rooting them (on its own), I  visit them. This time was "Restaurant RISAKI (レストラン リサキ)."
Restaurant RISAKI
Patty of foie gras
Flan of sea urchin with tomato and consomme jelly
Saute of sole with champagne sauce
Grilled lamb
Hot apple pie
Rich chocolate cake
Lunch is available from JPY1,700 (this time, I ordered a set meal of JPY2,530 which comprises starter, main dish and dessert). Though the restaurant is not so large, white and muted pink colored interior is relaxing. Dishes are mild and delicate. Cooked vegetables are fresh. As oil butter, and cream are not so much used,  stomach does not become heavy. Dessert was also good.  The taste is nice, but something seems missing. Portion might be small (we did not become so full).  Or..vigor or passion might not be enough in their dishes. ...Keep it up! My rating is 3.2 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita! 

Restaurant RISAKI (レストラン リサキ)

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