August 27, 2013

Special shaved ice of Kagoshima

Though the heat of summer has been moderated in recent few days to some extent, we have been suffering from this extreme hot summer... In such situation, something cold is indispensable! The other day, my family tripped to Kagoshima (鹿児島), my mother's home, which is located in Kyusyu (九州), southern part of Japan. As I couldn't accompany, my parents kindly sent me special shaved ice of Kagoshima called "Shirokuma (しろくま)" by delivery service. 
"Shirokuma" shaved ice
Shirokuma means "white bear", coming from shaved ice with much sweetened condensed milk and various fruits. The most famous shirokuma is of "Mujyaki (むじゃき)" at Tenmonkan (天文館). If you go there, there is always long queue. According to the Nikkei news paper, their shaved ice is ranked second in west Japan. In fact, different from ordinary sweetened condensed milk, their milk is unwearied. The balance of sweetness and with fruits might be good. If  you trip to Kagoshima, you can try it! Gochiso-samadeshita! 

Mujyaki (むじゃき)

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