August 19, 2013

Well-established sukiyaki restaurant in Asakusa

On the left side of the Kaminarimon Gate (雷門) of the Sensoji-Temple (浅草寺) in Asakusa (浅草), we have a well-established sukiyaki restaurant named "Chinya (ちんや)" which has started its business since 1880. The atmosphere is very classic. At the entrance, there is a staff who is in charge of shoes (we take off shoes in Chinya). We can feel the old (or Meiji era's) atmosphere there. 
Kaminarimon Gate of Sensoji Temple
A Meiji-era style private room 
Amuse (pumpkin tofu)
Vegetables and sauce for sukiyaki
Two types of beef for sukiyaki
Start sukiyaki!
Rice, miso soup and pickles
Japanese plum ice cream and tea
Lunch is available from JPY3,800 if we choose standard level of beef. If we want to taste higher rank, we have to pay more. Standard beef was good enough, but higher level beef was more delicious (melt...)! I recommend to mix both standard and higher level of beef. Chinya provides customers with ID number of each beef for ensuring the quality and safety of beef. As the evidence shows, the taste of beef was tasty. Sauce of sukiyaki is rich but mild though the taste of sukiyaki in Tokyo is generally strong.  

As Chinya comprises only private room, you can spend time in a relaxed manner. A staff cooks sukiyaki at first, and they leave us alone. When you want to ask staff, you can call a phone from the room. Cost-performance might not be so high (in particular, at night), tasting sukiyaki near the Sensoji-Temple is a nice experience. Despite the outside, inside of restaurant is very silent. My rating is 3.7 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Chinya (ちんや)

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