August 2, 2013

Popular crab dishes chain originally from Osaka

Since Japan is surrounded by the sea, we love and eat seafood very much. Among them, crab is one of the popular seafood and we have its specialized restaurants. The most popular crab dishes chain might be "Kani doraku (かに道楽)" whose head restaurant is located in Osaka. Tokyo also has many branches of Kani doraku like Ginza, Shinjyuku, Ueno, Asakusa, etc. 
Kani doraku (Ueno branch)
Boiled crab
Sashimi crab
Steamed hot egghotchpotch with crab
Crab salad
Crab gratin 
Crab and vegetable tempura
Japanese pilaf with crab
Vanilla ice cream with green powdered tea
Rice cakes containing ice cream
Crab cracker
Kani doraku is not a posh restaurant, and the interior and atmosphere are casual. Even so, as crab itself is expensive, the price of meal is not inexpensive. Lunch is available from JPY3,000 and dinner from JPY5,000 per person. But if you like crab, it is worth for trying once! (and definitely it is cheaper than individual posh restaurants.)

A set meal consists of various crab dishes. Since the way of cooking and tasting of each dish are different, we can enjoy without getting tired. Rather, we can be impressed by daintiness of crab. In particular, boiled crab, crab tempura and crab pilaf were very nice. For your new experience, why don't you try this chain? My rating is 3.8 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Kani doraku (かに道楽)


  1. hi, megumogu san, how are u . i am in airport and heading to oosaka. nice to see u introducing food from oosaka.楽しみです!
    from joanne

  2. Joanne さん!
    Are you coming back for summer vacation? Osaka is also a charming city where food is nice and people are cheerful and open-minded. Kani doraku is one of the landmarks in Osaka. Please see the big crab off their entrance.
    Have a lovely stay!

  3. megumogo san,
    nice to meet you here again. i just come back from kyoto. now i am in osaka. sooo hot in japan.
    this time, i got some problem that annoyed me. actually i joined a local tour to四国 for 3 days,but club tourism didn't send me enough information on meeting time and place. i missed the densha. i complained and discussed with the men in the tour agency in nanba. they blamed me for not joining the tour in english website and they would only send information to guests living in japan. moreover, because i joined from the japanese language website, they said they even assumed me a japanese. how ridiculous is it ! they would only refund me by 50%. the men there just instructed a young lady to talk to me in english. they just asked he lady to repeat. so i left and hurried to find accommodation.
    luckily, i settled in a small hotel and got some help there. i thank to the people who helped me in the shinosaka JR station, the man in the convenient store and the young man in school iniform for guiding me to eat.
    on 16/8, i will join a 2 day tour to 新穗高 and back home on 19/8.

  4. Joanne-san, sorry to hear such a trouble there! Having such unexpected one in other country must be stressful and unpleasant...but looking at brighter side, it proves your skill of Japanese is high enough that people assumed you as a Japanese:) And happy to hear you already managed well and met nice people.

    Have a joyful and safe journey in the west of Japan!

  5. megumogu san, i totally agreed with you. i even had a bike touring in kyoto that made my tour different. thanks.

  6. Glad to know you enjoyed your stay to the maximum extent!
    Your positive attitude always welcomes another luck and joy:)

    Many thanks for your follow-up!