July 30, 2013

A calm good ryokan in Nasu

Nasu (那須) in Tochigi Prefecture (栃木県) is a resort district accessible by bullet train around 1 hour from Tokyo. Nasu has rich nature such as highlands,mountains, volcano and hot springs as well as amusement parks. Summer residence of loyal family is also there. You can enjoy many activities in rich nature. Mt. Nasu (Chausu) whose height is 1,915m has a ropeway, and you can easily try hilwalking.  
Volcanic Mt. Nasu (Chausu) 
View from Mt. Nasu 
Fishing hole
Grilled mountain trouts fished by me!

Nasu has many good Japanese-style hotels, namely ryokan, same as other hot spring districts. The ryokan I stayed was “Bettei Kai (別邸 ).”  Each room of Bettei Kai has own outside hot spring bath for more private stay. Whenever you want, you can enjoy hot spring. Bettei Kai is an annex of a ryokan, the building and interior are new and clean. I like the woody Japanese modern interior. Surrounded by woods, you can be relaxed in a calm and peaceful atmosphere. 
Japanese-style living room
Private outside hot spring
Starter platter
Set of local sake
Cooked bamboo roots
Grilled sweetfish
Shabu shabu of Nasu beef
Japanese pilaf and miso soup
Japanese lemon pudding
Dinner and breakfast are brought to living room of each guest room. Dishes using local ingredients were delicious. Mild taste, as a whole. In particular, shabu shabu using Nasu beef was impressive. If you can eat, you can order more beef. I didi:) After taking a private hot spring, tasting nice kaiseki meal in own room is wonderful. Only Japanese ryokan provides this kind of service. If you haven't experienced, I strongly recommend to go ryokan resort!

Bettei Kai (別邸 )  http://www.bettei-kai.jp/index.html

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