July 8, 2013

Modern French at Hotel Nikko in Odaiba

One of elegant hotels in Odaiba is Hotel Nikko Tokyo (ホテル日航東京) in Oodaiba (お台場) run by Japan Airline Group. Hotel Nikko faces the Tokyo Bay and we can see the beautidul Bay and Rainbow Bridge.  Nikko's French dining is "Terrace on the Bay (テラス オン・ザ・ベイ)" located on the third floor. It was...unexpectedly good restaurant!
Lobby of Hotel Nikko Tokyo
Entrance of "Terrace on the Bay"
Main dining room
Through the window, we can see the Rainbow Bridge.
Amuse (stick pie and terrine) 
Homard with cream and truffle
Foie gras saute with strawberry
French white asparagus with hollandaise sauce
Porgy saute with risotto of seaweed 
Grilled wagyu beef with red wine sauce
Selection of cheese
Another cheese dish using fromage blanc 
Bitter chocolate and coffee cake with walnut 
The main dining is not so large. Wooden interior with gentle orange lighting makes relaxing atmosphere. The Rainbow Bridge is just in front of us through the window. If we sit besides the window, the atmosphere is more romantic. In fact, it seemed some couples enjoyed special dinner.

Dinner is available from JPY10,500 and a full-course menu including cheese is JPY15,750. Though the full-course is not cheap, it is value for money considering the contents and quality. Actually, every meal was really delicious. Modern and distinctive. In the light taste, something distinctive is hidden. The taste was very clear and impressive. In particular, theie sauce was wonderful.

One of the main dish was grilled wagyu beef, and it was superb. It was at the level of teppenyaki-specialized restaurants. Even only wagyu beef streak is recommendable. On the contrary to the dishes, dessert was a bit weak. Just average. And most staff is young. If you expect sophisticated service, it might be disappointing (though I liked their fresh service). My rating is 4.3 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Hotel Nikko Tokyo (ホテル日航東京)  http://www.hnt.co.jp/index.html
Terrace on the Bay (テラス オン・ザ・ベイ)  http://www.hnt.co.jp/rest/terrace/index.html

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