July 14, 2013

Popular posh yakiniku chain at UENO 3153

In UENO 3153, a restaurant complex in Ueno (see previous visit), there is a branch of a popular yakiniku chain "Jojoen (叙々苑)." Jojoen is known as a bit posh yakiniku restaurant which has many branches around Tokyo. Good points of Jojoen might be not only good quality of dishes but also sophisticated interior. Traditionally, yakiniku restaurants where we enjoy barbecue are not so nice enough for date or business entertainment. Maybe Jojoen is a pioneer on that point.
Entrance of "Jojoen"
Inside (private seat)
Rice wine
Kimuchi pickles
Beef for yakiniku
Rice with meat and vegetables baked by stonebowl
Sauce for yakiniku
Another beef for yakiniku
Panda ice cream 
Each table is divided by partition so that customers enjoy yakiniku in a private space. Interior is chic for yakiniku restaurant. Good for date. For your information, in Japan it is believed if a man and a woman have dinner at yakiniku restaurant, they have intimate relationship. It's just a joke or urban legend, but I don't know the reason:) 

By the way, each dish was delicious same as the reputation. Even salad or kimuchi pickles were nice. Beef was definitely tasty. Sweet and melted on the mouth. Everybody can be satisfied. Service is also nice. Staff is well trained and friendly. Because of that, the price is a bit higher than ordinary ones. One yakiniku plate costs JPY2,000-4,000. Even if we don't eat so much, the total bill might be higher than expectation. Due to low cost-performance, my rating is 3 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Jojoen (叙々苑) http://www.jojoen.co.jp/ 

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