July 21, 2013

Regular shabu shabu at Kisoji

Kisoji (木曽路) is one of my regular restaurants for shabu shabu/sukiyaki. I have their membership card and they always send me a special coupon like free shabu shabu meat, free sake, etc. That's why I can't help going to Kisoji regularly (I am caught by their marketing...). (See one of previous visits.
Kisoji Ueno
Vegetable tempura
Beef for shabu shabu
Vegetables for shabu shabu
Sesame sauce and ponzu sauce
Ramen using soup of shabu shabu
Sesame ice cream
Whenever I go, I can be satisfied with their taste and service. They never make me disappointed so far. Though we have more posh shabu shabu/ sukiyaki restaurants other than Kisoji, their effort on price and quality should be appreciated. Same as usual, shabu shabu was delicious! My rating is 4 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Kisoji (木曽路) http://www.kisoji.co.jp/kisoji/index.html


  1. megumogu san,
    I can't forget kisoji. we always have shabushabu. but we tried sukiyaki in shinsaibashi last week. It was tasty. we love the sesame sauce and ponzu sauce so much that we bought some home.
    furthermore, this time we stayed in a small hotel with a kitchen. we even bought beef, pork and vegetables for shabu. it was an interesting experience.

  2. I am also a Kisoji lover:)
    I can't upload my Kisoji experience each time.
    In spite of the price, the quality of dishes and service are very nice. Also, as you pointed out, their sesame sauce is superb!

    But yes, here also, generally we enjoy shabu shabu at home (as eating at a restaurant is expensive). Buying goma and ponzu sauce is a very nice idea!