August 7, 2014

A fully booked small French restaurant in Kagurazaka

In the residential area of Kagurazaka (神楽坂), there is a small French restaurant which it is difficult to make a reservation. That is "L'Atlas (ラトラス)", which has obtained one Michelin star before and whose chef and manager improved their skill at "Tour d' Argent Tokyo." To realize their ideal dishes and service, they opened L'Atlas. Indeed, they succeeded creating sophisticated classical modern dishes. 
Main dining
Cake of three different styles of foie gras
Mousse of homarus and cauliflower with consomme jelly and caviar 
Roasted whit fish with bouillabaisse sauce
Grilled canard
Grilled lamb
Glass mont blanc
Camomile tea and petits fours
At the lunch time, they offer only two fixed courses at JPY5,700 and 8,500. Both of which are same number of plates and the difference is quality of used ingredients (the above photos are of JPY5,700). The set meal consists of chef's recommendations (no options) and it makes cost-effective despite they use foie gras, caviar, homarus, etc. 

The set meal was well balanced with light modern two starters and two classical main dishes (fish and meat). Every plate was delicious. In particular, a cake of foie gras and mousse of homarus and cauliflower were impressive. You can't imagine that you can have such high-grade dishes at such a small restaurant. 

Another feature of L'Atlas is big-portion. Big-eater man could be satisfied. Even so, you can't be getting tired as each dish has different taste. Their service is casual (not so elegant) but no shortcomings. Their only minus point might be narrow space between tables. Next tables are so close that I easily heard conversation of other tables. Yet, unless you have a secret talk, it might be ok. My rating is 4.2 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

L'Atlas (ラトラス)   

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