August 31, 2014

Popular local unagi (eel) restaurant in Sendagi

When I visited a colleague's new nice condominium near Yanaka-Ginza shopping street (谷中銀座商店街), we went to a popular local unagi (eel) restaurant called "Inageya (稲毛屋)" in Sendagi (千駄木). Inageya is classified into izakaya restaurant which offers unagi as well as attractive side dishes and variety of Japanese sake. As they offer Japanese eels and expensive sake like Jyu-yondai (十四代) at reasonable price, tables are often full by reservation particularly at night.  
Inageya in Sendagi
Second floor (consists of Japanese-style price rooms)
Lunch unagi set meal 
Surprisingly, unagi bowl is available from JPY1,380 at lunch. Usually, it costs at least JPY2,500 or 3,000 in Tokyo. The reason why they could sell unagi reasonably seems size of unagi. Small! (of course, if you pay more, the portion becomes bigger.) Even I couldn't be full...but the taste was superb! Char-grilled unagi has nice burnt aroma. Crispy outside and fluffy inside. I agree to the popularity. I'd like to revisit at night for tasting sake eating delicious unagi and side dishes. 

If you have small budget for lunch, or, you hesitate to taste unagi for the first time, Inageya is recommendable as trial. Even though you can't get full, you can go to the Yanaka-Ginza shopping street to buy snacks at stalls there. My rating for Inageya is 3.8 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Inageya (稲毛屋)

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