September 2, 2014

Gourmet burger near god of safe delivery in Ningyocho

The most popular place in Tokyo for praying smooth delivery is Suitengu shrine (水天宮), located in Ningyocho(人形町). Each god has each specialty. Now the shrine is closed for refurbished but its temporary shrine opens nearby cause expecting mothers wish to visit before their childbirth (I also did!). Near the temporary shrine. there is a famous hamburger shop called "BROZERS' (ブラザーズ)", one of the originals of gourmet burger. 
Temporary Suitengu shrine, god of safe delivery
BROZERS' in Ningyocho
Avocado cheese burger and Perrier
BROZERS' is not on the big street, but the vivid red colored shop is eye-catching in Ningyocho which has many old companies and restaurants. Interior is like an american diner in 60 or 70s. Standard hamburger costs JPY1,000 and avocado cheese burger costs JPY1,300. French fries, onion rings and pickled are served together. 

Their hamburger is tasty, indeed. Especially, hamburg made of only beef is big, juicy and delicious. According to their HP, wagyu beef oil is added for making the taste better. Combination with fresh lettuce and rich avocado is wonderful. On the other hand, tasting for avocado burger seems only salt and pepper and not so strong (BBQ sauce is used for other burgers). If ketchup and mustard is used for the remaining 1/3, we could enjoy the change of tasting and eat up smoothly. My rating is 3.7 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

BROZERS' (ブラザーズ)   

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