September 19, 2014

Premium beef bowl using Ise wagyu at KITTE

"Butasute (豚捨)", a famous sukiyaki/shabu shabu restaurant since 1909 in Ise (伊勢), Mie Prefecture (三重県) has opened its branch in KITTE (キッテ) near the Tokyo Station for the first time outside Ise. They offer Ise beef, wagyu beef whose family root is same as Matsusaka beef but which is not certified as branded wagyu so that we can eat at lower price.     
Tokyo Station
Around Tokyo Station
Butaste in KITTE
Beer (KIRIN heartland)
Beef bowl, miso soup and beef salad
Beef croquettes
Beef steak bowl (higher grade @JPY3,850)
Sorbet and green tea
Dinner is expensive from around JPY5,000, but lunch is reasonable from JPY1,260. If you understand beef bowl only through the ones of big chain shops like yoshinoya, matsuya, sukiya, etc., please try the beef bowl of Butasute! Totally another dish! I love both taste, but the Butasute one is impressive. Ise beef is very tender, juicy, yummy! Sweet soy sauce matches well the good beef. If you pay JPY2,500, beef salad, beef croquette and ice cream are also served.

As the restaurant itself is small and casual, I personally don't choose Butaste for expensive dinner of sukiyaki/shabushabu. But lunch, especially beef bowl is very nice and reasonable. My rating for lunch is 4.0 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!  

Butasute (豚捨) 
KITTE (キッテ)

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