September 18, 2014

Perfect parfait of Senbikiya!

Senbikiya, the most posh fruit shop since 1834 (see the previous post) has been nowadays divided into three different companies and "Senbikiya-sohonten(千疋屋総本店)" is leading other twos. Their flagship shop and restaurant are located in Nihonbashi, but a cafe has been newly opened in "KITTE (キッテ)" just in front of the JR Tokyo main Station (東京駅). The cafe has become a new sightseeing spot and there is always a queue.      
Senbiliya-sohonten in KITTE
Mango curry and rice
Mango parfait and peach juice
Cafe menu is so fascinating that I can't easily decide what to take. One of their specialty is mango curry and rice (JPY1,296). Japanese-style beef curry using mango is fruity and mild. Not sweet but very rich and complex. Delicious!

And parfait using seasonal fruit is recommendable. When I visited, mango was seasonal. I had hesitated to order mango parfait seeing the price of JPY2,800, but it was a correct answer to have it!! Only ripe mangos of Miyazaki, the highest quality brand in Japan are used for parfait. Soooo sweet and tasty!! Fresh cream and ice cream are also premium. I think I can't find such a perfect parfait other than there. The price is not inexpensive, but it is worth for trying! My rating is 5 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Senbikiya-sohonten (千疋屋総本店    
KITTE (キッテ)

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