September 4, 2014

Delicious sukiyaki with excellent service at Ningyo-cho Imahan

Imahan (今半) is a representative sukiyaki/shabu shabu restaurant in Japan. It was established in Asakusa in 1895, and nowadays split up into four different companies; Imahan Bekkan (今半別館), Asakusa Imahan (浅草今半), Ningyo-cho Imahan (人形町今半) and Yoyogi Imahan (代々木今半). When I had a lunch with a friend and her family from Norway, we went to Ningyo-cho Imahan in Ueno-hirokoji (上野広小路), and it was excellent!
Corridor to private rooms in Ningyo-cho Imahan
Japanese-style private room
Wagyu beef for sukiyaki
Vegetables for sukiyaki
Rice, miso soup, pickles and sauce
Experienced staff cooks sukiyaki just in front.  
Good smell and sound!
Green tea ice cream and bean cake
As you see the above photos, explanation is not necessary. Wagyu beef was very sweet, tender and melt in the mouth. (Sukiyaki sauce is a bit strong as "eddoko taste".) Moreover, their service was excellent. For instance, they kindly prepared big cushions and blankets for babies in advance. When a staff noticed Friend's husband didn't eat sashimi (he was not used to raw fish), they suddenly changed the dish and served crispy tempura without charge.

Thanks to them, we had a good time. The above sukiyaki set meal at lunch costs JPY5,000 per person. Not inexpensive, but appropriate to taste sukiyaki at this kind of good restaurant. My rating is 4.1 out of 5. Gochiso-samadehsita!

Ningyo-cho Imahan (人形町今半)

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