September 22, 2014

A newly opened pizzeria in Yushima

On Sunday when many of small individual restaurants are closed, I found a pizzeria opened all day long in Yushima (湯島). It is "da GIORGIO (ダジョルジョ)" which has been just opened in July 2014. A young Japanese owner who trained in Napoli offers authentic Napoli-style pizzas in a casual atmosphere. They have wide variety of pizza menus.  
Potato salad (for table charge) and glass wine (chardonnay)
Pickles (JPY500)
Pizza margherita (JPY1,200)
Linguine with seafood (JPY2,700)
Pizza was tasty, indeed! Chewy texture, burnt aroma, a bit salty craft, combination of tomato sauce and mozzarella...good! On the other hand, other items were still developing and less cost-effective. Linguine with seafood was not bad, but the price was JPY2,700! I understood fresh seafood was used, but it was relatively expensive compared to pizza. I also found it exceptional that table charge (JPY300) is charged even at lunch time in such a casual pizzeria. Pizza is good...a bit regrettable! My rating is 3.2 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

da GIORGIO (ダジョルジョ)      

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