August 2, 2014

Standard sushi chain from Tsukiji

I used to eat sushi when I was pregnant. Eating much big fish like tuna frequently is not suitable in terms of mercury, but adequate amount in proper interval is advisable cause it is proved EPA and DHA contained in fish are good for inside baby. For having sushi casually, chain restaurant is recommended. "TSUKIJI SUSHIKO (築地すし好)" is a sushi chain originally from Tsukiji, the world biggest fish market town. Their branches are around Tokyo. 
Clam miso soup
Interior of SUSHIKO is clean and bright. Menu is easy to understand with photos. Price setting is adequate and we don't have to worry. Sushi set is available from JPY1,000. Every chef and staff are well trained and service-oriented. Their sushi itself is good! Delicious enough. Definitely, not impressive one like prestige restaurant, but much more tasty and sophisticated than go-round-sushi restaurant. To taste sushi daily, this kind of chain restaurant is quite useful. My rating is 3.5 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!


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