October 29, 2014

Nice view Italian restaurant on the top of ASAHI Breweries in Asakusa

On the top floor of the famous building of ASAHI Breweries, LTD in Asakusa (浅草), there is an Italian restaurant named "La Ranarita (ラ・ラナリータ)." People just take pictures of this beer shaped building and may not notice a nice restaurant is located inside. In contrast to the bustling Asakusa town, the restaurant had few customers around 8pm on weekend.
La Ranarita
Window seat
ASAHI fresh beer and Sky Tree
Pizza with fresh tomato, basil, olive and mozzarella (JPY1,850)
Spaghetti carbonara (JPY1,850)
Wagyu beef steak (JPY5,650)
La Ranarita has been opened for long, and the atmosphere is a bit old somehow. But the view of Sky Tree is very beautiful and the high ceiling gives us sense of release. Dishes are not so sophisticated like the ones of posh restaurants, but delicious enough. Pizza was so-so, but spaghetti carbonara was creamy and rich. Most of all, wagyu beef steak was amazing. Both of the quality of beef and way of cooking seemed high. JPY5,650 was not inexpensive, but VERY tasty. If you can afford, it is recommended! As a whole...my rating is 3.6 out of 5. It is worth to visit just for seeing Sky Tree and drinking ASAHI fresh beer! Gochiso-samadeshita!

La Ranarita (ラ・ラナリータ) http://r.gnavi.co.jp/a170900/ 

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