February 7, 2015

Japanese sweets cafe at University of Tokyo

One of the superb Japanese restaurants which we can't easily make reservations is now "Kurogi (くろぎ)" in Yushima (湯島). The chef was selected as an iron chef for the famous TV program. The Kurogi has opened its sweets shop and cafe in last May on the property of the University of Tokyo (東京大学). The name is "Kuriyakashi Kurogi (厨菓子くろぎ)".  
Kuriyakashi Kurogi
Bean cake and coffee
Chestnut cake and coffee
The building of the cafe is very modern and stylish. Contrary, sweets they serve is very traditional and orthodox. A new feature is having Japanese sweets with coffee (usually, we eat those with green tea/green powdered tea). The coffee itself is also a special blend of "Sarutahiko Coffee", a famous coffee shop. 

Both of bean cake and chestnut cake were delicate. Coffee was also good (a bit wasy). The disadvantage point might be price. Coffee per person costs JPY860. Bean cake is JPY370. A bit high. My rating is 3.7 out of 5. Gochiso-samadsehita!

Kuriyakashi Kurogi (厨菓子くろぎ) http://www.wagashi-kurogi.co.jp/  

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