February 7, 2015

Light salt-chicken based soup ramen of a chain shop

After so long, I had an opportunity to have ramen outside (cause eating ramen noodle with hot soup is a bit dangerous with baby). The shop is "Menya KOOKAI (麺屋 空海)", a modern ramen chain which has branches mainly in shopping malls around Tokyo.   
Their specialty "KOOKAI Ajitama Soba"
Despite ordinary (particularly old and dairy ones) ramen shops are dominated by men, KOOKAI attracts women, couple and family because of the clean and stylish interior. They serve all kind of flavored ramens, but their specialty is salt-chicken based soup ramen. The light tasting might be popular among women. For me, it was a bit plain (just happened?). It costed JPY830. My rating is 2.8 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!      

Menya KOOKAI (麺屋 空海) http://www.umai-ramen.com/

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