February 7, 2015

Viva family restaurant, Jonathan's!!

If you face difficulty to find places to eat especially with baby, fist option might be family restaurant such as "Jonathan's (ジョナサン)." Before, Jonathan's had a poor image with limited unattractive menus, but recently, they have dramatically changed in a good way! 
Salad (JPY250)
Tagliatetelle with Homard and tomato (JPY1,119)
French fry (JPY399)
Beef steak bowl with foie gras
Udon for kids (JPY329)
Pancakes (JPY599)
As you can see the above, the price is maintained still low thanks to the efforts of the company. Taste is of course not bad. As family restaurants allow us to stay long, I tend to order additional dishes...it might be their strategy. 

This style of restaurants always prepare menu books with photos. So, if you travel to Japan, it could be helpful. Most of all, I'm sure you can find something you want to have among variety of menus!  

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